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South Norfolk Martial Arts offers classes for just about every age group. Whether you’re just starting your journey with Martial Arts or have recently relocated to Chesapeake and are seeking a place to advance your practice, there is a class for you.


For families looking for something active and engaging to do together, look no further. Just as learning and practicing Martial Arts can be a fantastic way to connect with one’s abilities and passions, it can also be a great way for family members of any interest to learn and grow together.


Taekwondo is an excellent choice for those wanting to get in shape, live a healthier life, make new friends, and knowing that if you are faced with someone trying to do you harm, you will have the knowledge of how to protect yourself.

Taekwondo requires dedication. It is not for everyone, but to those willing to listen and learn, it will provide you with great inner peace and satisfaction knowing that you do have the knowledge and confidence necessary to handle any situation you find yourself in.


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